About the Photographer:

Jeremy Igo is a nationally published photographer based in Charlotte, NC. Whether he is shooting a fashion spread or an NFL football game, Jeremy brings his unique vision and personality to the task.

Over the past decade, Jeremy’s work has been seen in such publication as Maxim, Stuff, Oxygen, Carolina Bride, The Charlotte Observer, and the Wall Street Journal. You have probably seen his cuisine images at some of your favorite local restaurants!

Jeremy is a photography instructor at The Light Factory where he helps further the photographic medium in the Charlotte Community. He has been married 17 years and has 13 year old twin boys and a 3 year old baby girl to keep him busy at home.  

As Featured on the Charlotte Today Show! Have a look…

Frequently Asked Questions

I have no idea what I am doing, I am hesitant to book. What if I can’t do it?

I hear this so often. The good news is all the pressure is on us. None of the pressure is on you. We will take care of everything from helping you with your attire to making sure your poses are perfect. Where to stand, how to stand, where to look, how to look, we do it all. The only thing you have to do is relax and know you are in good hands.

I am not a model, and have never done this. Is that a problem?

Over the years and hundreds of sessions, we have shot women of all ages, shapes and sizes. See our reviews page for examples of their experiences. Our job is to make you look and feel the best you ever have, and we deliver. We only ask that you be confident in yourself! We will pose you in the most flattering ways. You will be amazed!

I have problem areas, do you photoshop?

Yes! We can minimize or completely remove most common issues. Most of this is done through posing and lighting. Photoshop can then be used to perfect the images.


Can I bring a friend?

Please do! We highly encourage bringing a friend to your shoot. But bring your crazy friend. You know, the one that sometimes gets you into trouble. You know the one I am talking about. 😉

Do you offer Hair/Makeup service?

Absolutely! Having your hair and makeup done is an integral part of your experience at Charlotte Boudoir. We offer in house hair and makeup. Sit back, relax with a glass of wine, and chat with us a bit before your shoot.

I am driving in from out of town to shoot with you, are their accommodations nearby?

Absolutely, please email us for a list of preferred hotels within a short drive. 

A male boudoir photographer? Um….

Ah yes, the proverbial elephant in the room! Some women are uncertain about a male boudoir photographer, some prefer them. A soon as 3 minutes into your shoot you won’t even second guess the decision to go with us. We promise. We guarantee a completely comfortable, professional, and FUN atmosphere. 

I need ideas! Can you help?

Heck yes! Over the past few hundred boudoir sessions we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge. Once your session is booked we can then make recommendations on attire and themes. 🙂

How do I know my pictures remain private?

Upon completion of your session, we will sign a binding discretionary statement that guarantees your images remain for your eyes only. We have been doing this for over 10 years and have never had a single issue. 


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