There is no better gift to give your groom on your wedding day than a boudoir photography session. Over the past decade we have photographed countless bridal boudoir sessions.

Our photography always gets the honeymoon started off of the right foot!


Bridal Boudoir Package

  • A Boudoir Photoshoot in our exclusive Boudoir Studio located in Charlotte, NC
  • Professional hair and makeup session to make you feel your best
  • 8×8 Premium Photobook that he will always cherish


The cost?

Only 875.00. You save hundreds of dollars. The book alone is normally 600.

This is everything you need to completely blow his mind before you walk down the aisle!


How do you get started?

Easy! Simply EMAIL US and we will take it from there! Your life is crazy enough, let us help you. 🙂


Here is a recent note from a client bride of ours… We Love getting these!

I know this is so late getting to you, but wanted to show you my hubby looking 
at the boudoir photo album I made him of all the beautiful pics you took! 
This is just one of the pictures, but I think it captures the moment perfectly!
I was so happy our photographers caught this moment on camera...and I couldn't 
be happier about the whole experience and doing this for him!


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