Dark Boudoir

Just a quick example of what a simple pair of black stockings can do in a photo. Taken in our exclusive Boudoir Photography Studio.  

03 Feb 2018

Behind the scenes

A rare and exotic look behind the scenes at a recent shoot.

30 Jan 2018

Follow Charlotte Boudoir on INSTAGRAM

So, in keeping with my tradition of being about 5 years late on all social media, I have signed Charlotte Boudoir Photography up on Instagram! Give us a follow…. just click the pic…    

29 Sep 2017

Heads up – Fall is in the air!

Holy cow I walk out this morning and it feels like October. You know what that means? Boudoir season is about to begin. We always see a surge in business once summer is over and the kids are back in school. Many clients use the opportunity to take some time finally after a long summer

07 Sep 2017

Idea – Sunday Funday!

So I always tell clients to bring something other than lingerie. Guys love it when you are in just an old T-Shirt. In fact, many would prefer it. (I know I do) There are so many graphic t’s out there these days that add so much charm to your boudoir photo shoot. You really cannot

05 Sep 2017

Idea – Yeee Haw!

Just another idea for you ladies… Who doesn’t love a gal in cowboy boots? Too many clients stick to the black lingerie without branching out into other things us fellas find equally as enticing. Be sure to change up your look!    

17 Aug 2017

Variety, Variety, Variety!

So here is a good example of a few different looks you can knock out in a single session. I always stress a nice variety of clothing to keep the shoot interesting. Wearing 4 different bra and panty sets doesn’t always provide for a complete session. Tshirts, bathing suits, lingerie, jeans, they all can be

12 Jul 2017

A note from a Bride…

Just a quick note from another satisfied customer. I love getting these, especially from brides. What better way to kick off a honeymoon? Hey! I know this is so late getting to you, but wanted to show you my hubby looking at the boudoir photo album I made him of all the beautiful pics you

16 Jun 2017

Quick Tip – Pop Your Butt !

Pop your butt. Lift your caboose. Raise your rear. Bump your bottom. You may hear me say any (or all) of these phrases during your session with me. Most clients instinctively know what I mean, but not all! So here is a quick visual for you to help understand what that means… Notice how her

14 Jun 2017

She knocked his socks off

Got this text message from a recent client.. made me smile… I love hearing from the fellas!

28 Mar 2017
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